"I am totally excited about completing our summer home, start to finish with Chris keeping us on track design wise and budget wise.  Thanks so much"

- Tricia Flanagan

"Chris has a tremendous collaborative style​: he listens and doesn't overwhelm a client with his 'vision'. I felt like he took the time to get to know me and really understand how I wanted our home to look. Chris is open to my ideas, yet he was also confident enough to let me know when he thought something was headed in the wrong direction! Furthermore, Chris has a great sense of humour and can easily diffuse a stressfull situation. I have enjoyed working with Chris and hope to work with him again in the near future."

 - Allison Davies

"We are more than happy to endorse ​Chris and CVKprojects. He was just about the only bright spot throughout the entire building process. He was always available, on time and full of great ideas. He tackled problems with a cheery smile and gave me the kitchen of my dreams. He helped us make fabulous choices and when the supplier couldn't deliver, he found just the right replacements. Working with Chris was a dream; I came to call him friend and on the rare occasion when we would disagree, he always let me win. His vision for our home has come to fruition and we couldn't be happier."

- ​Susan and Rick Brown

"I worked with Chris on the renovation of our home, which was an extensive project. Our 35 year old house was completely gutted and re-done. Chris helped me every step of the way. His Ideas were fresh, innovative and sensible (from a budget perspective). Above all I greatly appreciated Chris's attitude. He was always willing to hear my ideas and never let his ego get in the way of open communication and brainstorming. I had alot of fun working with Chris and I would highly recommend his services."

- Gail O'Reilly

"Chris Kuzmanovich has saved me from myself!! Although I think I have pretty good taste and have a pretty good eye for design, Chris had taken the time and effort to get to know me. He has respected my input into design decisions, but most importantly broadened my mind to be open to other options. I tent to over think. Chris has managed to gently guide us into fabulous creations and spaces you know are sensitive to my particular tastes and absolutely wonderful...without breaking the budget or bank account. I am totally excited about completing our summer home, start to finish with Chris keeping us on track design wise and budget wise. Thanks so much."

- Tricia Flanagan

"Chris is a complete designer in all aspects. His ability to understand our wishes both from a design and decorative perspective is a true gift that we watched play out as our project went from conversation to paper to real life. Further, Chris has a keen understanding and concern for timing and budgeting issues that come to any home owner's mind in contemplating a development project. In working with Chris, our home environment moved to another level of joy while tangibly adding to our home's value at the same time. We can strongly recommend Chris without reservation and would encourage anyone looking to develop their home to speak with Chris Kuzmanovich."

- Yolanda Campbell Matthews

"We had the great pleasure of retaining Chris Kuzmanovich when building our new home in Aspen Woods in 2010. Chris guided us from the initial planning stage right through to picture hanging, accessory advice and furniture placement. Chris was instrumental in guiding our choices in terms of paint, granite, flooring, millwork design, and window coverings. We were impressed with Chris' professional manner, his great sense of humour, as well as his ability to manage our different opinions and come up with a design we were both thrilled with. We continued to use the services of CVK Projects and Chris for ongoing tweaks and enhancements in our dream home. We have had so many compliments on every aspect of our home and know that it would never had turned out as it did without Chris. We are proud to put our name beside Chris and CVK whom we highly recommend."

- Patti Grier and Allan Hargreaves

"We didn't know Chris but after our first meeting with him, Mona and I knew he was the one to work on our new home with us. Chris has an amazing ability to ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and then create just what you want. Chris also worked very well with our contractor. Their combined talents helped us enjoy the project immensely. By the way, Chris is also becoming a fine artist."

 - Richard Pinder

"We were very pleased with Chris and the help he gave us in designing our new home. Chris has fresh, creative ideas and draws them out beautifully to help you visualize what the final project will look like. He listened to what we wanted and then gently made suggestions that always ended in great improvements to our original ideas. He has amazing taste and style. Now we're done the house, we'll be working with Chris to help us design our perfect garden space. We highly recommend Chris."

 - Don McIntosh & Judy Duncan

"Chris helped us with our whole home renovation and seamlessly pulled together the old and the new. Our dream kitchen, laundry/mud room and whole home updates were incorporated with grace and elegance without changing its original stately character and charm. Further evidence of a job well done has been the numerous compliments we've received from visitors and guests. The six month process went so well that we have continued to utilize Chris' keen sense of style to do everything from transforming our children's rooms as they grow, to turning our home into something that would rival the Banff Springs at Christmas time"

 - Neil and Larissa Roszell

"What a difference a fantastic designer makes! Our recent extensive renovation to our 35 year old Okotoks home is stunning! Chris had a keen sense of capturing the essence of our "distinct" personalities and our differences in style. His extensive knowledge of products and his sensitivity to a budget made our renovation journey a dream. He was very professional and open to the many ideas that the entire family provided for him. Tongue in cheek he was able to weed out the good ideas from the bad. Chris showed professional consideration to our contractor, together they transformed large issues into something easily fixed, and beautiful. It was such a pleasure working with Chris, we would highly recommend CVK Projects to anyone, large or small projects. Thanks again Chris, and thanks for putting up with us!!"

 - Dave and Donna Forter