About Chris Kuzmanovich of CVK

CVK is a design company owned by Chris kuzmanovich, D.I.D., involved with residential and commercial interior design in Calgary, Alberta. With 6 years behind him CVK maximizes the potential of functionality and flow of your space and helps to awaken your style ensuing comfort whether in a contemporary or traditional setting. With services ranging from colour consults and space planning to full renovations CVK has gained clients from Calgary, Kelowna, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Solana Beach CA​.

CVK works closely with

"I am totally excited about completing our summer home, start to finish with Chris keeping us on track design wise and budget wise.  Thanks so much"

- Tricia Flanagan

As An Artist - C.Kuzmanovich

As an artist I find inspiration everywhere. my painting becomes somewhat of a visual journal documenting what I see and feel at any given time. I focus mostly on contemporary abstract allowing the observer to create their own experience and connection."​ c. kuzmanovich has had five sold out private shows in Calgary and has been commissioned by many clients throughout Alberta and BC.

"We are proud to put our name beside Chris and CVK whom we highly recommend.

- Patti Grier and Allan Hargreaves


About Marla Miller of CVK

Chris and Marla have collaborated on many projects through the years, and share a passion for creating spaces with individuality and style. Marla rounds out the CVK team specializing in project management, finishing selections and decorating. As a realtor for ReMax she has the added benefit of seeing how customers live, and what clients ultimately want in their homes. As a team Chris and Marla have the added benefit of playing concepts off one another which always involves lively dialogue and a lot of fun, but ultimately leads to great creativity and strong client rapport.

"Chris has an amazing ability to ask the right questions, listen to the answers, and create what you want"

- Richard Pinder